Steph Stern

Career Strategy & Coaching

I help people live happier, more fulfilling lives.

I work with clients to tackle a variety of problems: finding a new job, coping with challenging coworkers, working toward a promotion, work-life balance and, of course, the big question of what to do with your life.

What do you want to do next in life?

If you need help planning your next move-- whether that's creating a vision for your future and finding the confidence to go after it, or just polishing your resume-- email me for a free 20-min phone consultation to see if working together is the right next step.

How It Works

I’m here to support you. I’ll guide you to articulate your goals and dreams, and we’ll figure out actionable next steps. I’ll nudge you just a bit as we craft your long term vision and set weekly goals.

After a free intro session, I prefer to coach clients at least two times each month for three months, so we have time to really dig in and see results.  Sessions are 55 minutes and are either in-person in San Francisco or by phone/Skype.

About Steph

I love supporting people to achieve their best in life and at work. I deeply believe that people can change, but only if they want to.  I am a Wellcoaches trained personal coach and have been helping people shape their careers for several years. I am also a career coach on The Muse. Previously, I worked in environmental policy for over ten years, where I combined an understanding of human behavior and resource efficiency to solve environmental problems. 

I write about work, career and the challenge of creating a fulfilling life: selected pieces are here.

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